About Pagannas

My name is Anna and I run Pagannas alongside my partner George, who is our technical wizard and creator of the website.

We live in Norwich and hold the stock for all the products we sell ourselves (yes, everywhere does smell like incense) so that we are able to ensure the best, most personal experience for you guys.

I am a practising Witch and follow both a Wiccan and Pagan path. I come from a long line of sensitives and psychic women in my family so spirituality, tarot and divination has always been something I've been familiar with.

I have always loved learning about different cultures, practices and traditions so Pagannas is my way of being able to share these things that I love.

From traditional cultural products to wellbeing and spiritual aids we aim to cater to everyone and will always try to include supplies for all paths and stages in your journey.

We are constantly growing and adding new products and features to our store, we have lots of plans for Sabbots and subscription boxes so we hope you keep checking back with us.